NYI Convention 2024

Hello, District NYI Convention is coming up Friday night March 15, 2024, 7:30-9pm in Franklin Hall at Nampa College Church of the Nazarene. 

NYI Convention is held annually and it includes elections of NYI Council members and a few reports.

Churches need to register their convention delegates by submitting a list of names with contact information (phone number and email address) to Debi Hodgerson the NYI Secretary by 12pm on March 13, 2024. Email the list to debi@mhnazarene.org You can call or text 208-867-4164 (cell) to verify she received your email.

Your delegates are required to be members of your local Church of the Nazarene. Please verify their membership.

The number of delegates you can have is determined by the following example:

1) Then look in the 2017-2021 Manual in section 810.219 to determine how many delegates you can bring.


Rich Vasquez