Dates: January 25-27, 2019

Cost: See your local church

Location: Trinity Pines

Theme: Basic

Please see the attachments for more information regarding registration for Winter Retreat 2018.

Free Time Activities: 

Activity Barn (see website for waiver form) working on group pricing

Tamarack (see website for waiver form and pricing) working on group pricing

Ice Skating (Group price $8.50 includes skates) call for more information (208) 634-3570

Zims Hot Springs (call for pricing (208) 347-2686) 

Gold Fork Hot Springs ($8 call for group rates) 

Cascade Swimming Pool

McCall Winter Carnival (Free) 

Sledding & Snow shoeing (Trinity Pines Free) 

Movie in the lodge (free) 


Cell Phones
please begin communicating this now with your parents and young people. One of the most important things that happen at camp and winter retreat is the intentional time/space for building community as a church and district. One of the biggest distractions can be our cell phone. Our cell phones can cause us to disengage with those who are right in front of us. It is our hope and prayer that our time together up at Trinity Pines can be an opportunity for our students and adults to deepen the community that is already around them. Retreats are one of the best opportunities to disconnect from all the distractions happening at home, school, or with friends; and to connect with God and others. We are need your help to communicate to your young people that this is an opportunity for them to disengage from the distractions and fully engage in community. Cell phones need to be left behind. We do not want to have to be the cell police all weekend so please help us by encouraging your young people to leave their phone behind. This is a Trinity Pines policy.


If you have any questions please email Zach If you have not "RSVP" yet please do so. 


Have a great day.


Here is a link to all forms and graphics needed or Winter. 

Leader Letter - Logo - Registration Form