district Main Event 2020


The purpose of this event is to provide a place where teens can showcase their talents, athletic, and Bible quizzing skills. We also have a worship service and fellowship time over food. Our annual NYI Convention will also take place that weekend.  Below is the event handbook in PDF format. Registration forms and contact information can be found within. 

Main Event Handbook


Hello, please read the information below.  

1. Each church will only be allowed ONE user login for the youth pastor/pastor to use to register all of its participants. 

2. If you have logged into this site before, you can use your login from last year. 

3. If you are new and someone else in the past created a login and now you can't log in email Zac at ZVineyard@nnu.edu

4. Once you log in, everyone who attended last year will be currently registered for this year. Delete the participants that are not attending this year. 

5. Edit EVERY participant that is attending. Update their information. Please do not skip this step. 

6. Housing has been reset so everyone by default is not on campus. If you want them to stay on campus please select that option. Remember on-campus folks will be staying in dorm lobbies. 

7. Make sure you select the appropriate number of sports teams. There is a team fee for each team. 

8. Please register your group by 11:59 pm on March 4th next Wednesday. 

9. Register your Main Event Participants here.