Hello youth pastors and leaders,

We’re excited to be able to announce this year’s Fall Retreat: Sacred. Registration is now open so you can start announcing it to your group and start getting registered! Here are some of the basic details you might want to know:

What: Sacred: Intermountain District Fall Retreat 2021

When: November 5-7, 2021

Where: Living Waters Ranch in Challis, ID

Cost: $110

Registration Deadline: October 15

Speaker: Brent Peterson

Registration will be all online. There are two registration forms: one form that every individual needs to fill out and another form that you will fill out as the group leader. Payment goes through the group leader form so that you can set the cost for each individual in your group in case you have added expenses beyond the $110 per person registration cost. Here are the registration links: 

Individual Registration Form: https://forms.gle/fu1yGQGpEvEWQY536

Group Leader Form: https://forms.gle/kGe1FLqwSdENrBZGA

We recommend that if teens from your church are planning to attend that you also send background-checked adult sponsors at a ratio of 10 teens:1 adult sponsor. 

Here is the retreat description so you can include it in any advertising you may do: 

SACRED \sā-krƏd\. adj. - dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity: worthy of religious veneration: holy: entitled to reverence and respect: of or relating to religion: not secular or profane.

What does this mean? We are called by a Holy God to be devoted to Him, set apart as His people.  That’s part of the deal.  We must accept Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord to fully serve Him; and he calls us to this despite our failures, sins, temptations, and the inevitable mistakes we will make in life.  So, how do we approach a Holy God to serve Him and how does He set us apart as His, as sacred?  How do we participate in the sacredness of God?  To what level can anything be sacred, or not?  Join us this fall as we explore the meaning, journey, and change that is … 



We’ve included a customizable flyer for you to use if you'd like.

We hope your group will consider attending Fall Retreat! If you have any questions, please reach out to James Hardy, Geoff Dobbin, or Val Wigg.


Fall Retreat Directors Team